AKOYA – This is our Pre-Professional Program for highly gifted, next generation dancers ages 6 -21yrs.

The American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Training Curriculum is used along with an emphasis on Modern Dance with elements of the Release Technique and other signature modern dance techniques and Gymnastics using principles from Flip Gym Barbados. It provides technical support for next generation artist who will grow toward a career in dance or the performing arts.

AKOYA students are entered for American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Affiliate exams annually and also benefit from a full range of opportunities such as consideration for the AKOYA Ensemble, tailored personal development focus, intentional career mentorship, nutritional guidance, free electives, participation in AKOYA shows, recommendations for international & local intensives & training.

Applicants can take either AKOYA part time or full time.

The AKOYA Part Time is suited to students ages 6 – 16 attending Primary or Secondary School who only take dance genre classes after school from 3:00 p.m. AKOYA Part Time training intensifies as students hone their skills, increase their class load per week, and enlarge their schedule of rehearsals, performances, and special events. AKOYA classes are categorized by levels Primary A – Level 8 and students take core classes in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Pointe & Gymnastics each week. Students may choose any elective such as Improvisation, Caribbean Dance, Hip Hop or Jazz when offered.

Acceptance into AKOYA Part Time may include audition for first-time entry, screening or successful completion of the previous level of ABT ® Exams.

The AKOYA Full Time (COMING SOON) is suited to students ages 17 – 21 wishing to take a full curriculum of dance classes and academic subjects on a full – time basis. More information on this full-time opportunity is coming soon.


Auditions are for first-time entry are considered for our August/September academic year only. The PDA audition season is opened year round and are done on an individual basis. Such auditions consist of a brief ballet barre assessment and the applicant’s solo performance. Walk-in auditions will not be considered. Decisions are emailed to applicants within 2-3 weeks of the audition.

Students should arrive with adequate time for warm up and should be dressed in Ballet attire i.e. leotard, convertible tights, ballet shoes & hair pulled away from face and neck.

To express interest in this program schedule a free consultation.