Hey, I’m Pearl-Ann Bartlett…

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a pearl for years. Little did I know that my name would be more than a name but a movement.
Pearls are formed by the movement of an irritant into the oyster, causing coats of nacre to cover the irritant as a protective mechanism. When this occurs, over time, the irritant is transformed into a glistening gem. I, therefore, believe that we carry pearls on the inside of us. Raw, uncoordinated irritants that when transformed become great, beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures.
And this is when the fun really begins!
Pearls Dance Academy is a movement to help dancers, dance teachers, and parents of dancers discover & believe in their value (pearl).

Who we are…

  • Pearls Dance Academy Inc. (PDA) is a company based on the beautiful island of Barbados founded in February 2010.
  • PDA was the first dance school to bring American Ballet Theatre (ABT) National Training Curriculum to the Caribbean, and to this day, remains the only school to offer this prestigious training in Barbados.
  •  PDA continues to offer tailored programs classes for dancers in Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Afro Caribbean, and Hip Hop and also provides training and educational content for dance teachers and parents of dancers.

What we believe…


We believe in professionalism; that high standards are attainable. Period. We believe that dance demands punctuality, discipline, focus, and preparation.


We believe in passion; that dance is more than a hobby it is a way of life. We believe in creating an environment for pearls to emerge and live with freedom.


We believe in poise; that carrying yourself with confidence, respect and dignity are important inside and outside the studio.
We believe that your gift makes room for you but your character keeps you grounded.


We believe in people; that their investment must be protected.
We believe that students can discover their value when we speak their language.



PDA was birthed with 13 students at Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church, Tudor Bridge, St. Michael Barbados. PDA hosted first ever Dance Camp held in Barbados. PDA’s first entry in National Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) with ‘When Colors Come to Life’.


PDA’s founder left Barbados to pursue BFA at Belhaven University, MS, USA while PDA stayed open.


PDA’s founder returned with a BA in Arts Administration form Belhaven University. PDA became Incorporated under the Company Act Cap 308 of the Laws of Barbados.


PDA made history by being the first to enter students for American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Affiliate. Exam in the Caribbean. PDA moved to its own location at Sugar Cane Mall, Bridgetown Barbados, with 1 spacious studio. PDA won first NIFCA Gold with a tribute to the Barbados Defense Force called ‘Protect & Serve’. PDA took registration online as part of a save paper initiative.


PDA won second NIFCA gold with the piece ‘Inspire’. PDA hosted its first themed show called DISNEY. PDA’s made its debut performance at the Barbados. Public Workers Christmas Concert and continues to have a good relationship with this organization.


PDA expanded Bridgetown location to accommodate another studio. PDA’s founder became first ABT NTC Fellow in the Caribbean. PDA’s founder received MA in Arts Education from University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. PDA’s founder became first ABT Level 5 certified teacher in the Caribbean.


PDA Encore Tour was born. PDA paid tribute to the late Richild Springer, a Barbadian dance pioneer. PDA’s long standing teacher, Carolyn Clarke made first NIFCA debut choreography with PDA.


PDA Encore Tour was born. PDA paid tribute to the late Richild Springer, a Barbadian dance pioneer. PDA’s long standing teacher, Carolyn Clarke made first NIFCA debut choreography with PDA.


PDA celebrated its 10th anniversary. PDA Rebranded its image. PDA hosted first dance show with original music as dominant feature, with compositions
by Rafael Hinds.